If you're going to Mandaue for leisure or business, it is better to have a car that can take you around the city, so we are giving you some tips on how to rent a car in Mandaue. And this is how to reserve car rentals in Philippines.

Mandaue is an industrial hub and most of the companies in the city are engaged in export. Thus, is it a business destination for many foreign and local visitors, one reason why the city has several car rental companies. Going around the city is easier if you rent a self-drive car or choose one with a driver.

No matter which option you choose, here's how to rent a car in Mandaue so you can have a more pleasant stay while you go around finding suppliers, sealing business deals or exploring the wonderful sights the city offers.

Why rent a car?

It's advantageous to rent a car, since it is more cost-efficient and convenient. Using a rental with a driver, you'll arrive fresh to your destination. You do not have to worry about parking and you have a car at your disposal when you need to go out. You can navigate the city with ease and do not have to worry about public transportation.

You can rent a car online, through a travel agency or via a physical counter at the airport or in the city itself.

Renting a car online

Most car rental companies in Mandaue have websites that allow you to rent a car online. You can see pictures of the cars that are available, know the details about the car and the rates that the company will charge based on the car model and size. Step-by-step instructions on how to rent a car in Cebu.

You specify the dates when you need the car, the type of vehicle you need, pick up and drop off points and the add-ons such as city tours and so on. You will be sent a confirmation of your booking.

You may be asked to email a copy of your passport and valid driver's license. Payment is through major credits or debit cards. Most companies charge 50 percent downpayment. You can settle the rest of the payment upon arrival.

Renting a car through a physical counter

If you are booking your trip to Mandaue City through a travel agency, inquire if they can assist you in reserving a car rental for the duration of your stay. Most travel agencies have car rental partners in major cities in the Philippines.

Upon your arrival, look for the physical counter of the car rental company where you have booked a reservation. Pre-booking avoids paying higher fees that are usually charged for renting a car on the spot. A representative will be on hand to assist you with the paperwork.

This method is more time consuming and you may not get the car you want. However, you can always check if you can exchange the car for another model after the initial booking.

These are your options on how to rent a car in Mandaue. Whichever option you choose, be sure that you have insurance and valid driver's license, if you intend to drive the rental car yourself.